Lawn Bowls are needed to play the game. For the standard two-player game, each player has four bowls. Four-players games can have each player with either two or four bowls. Bowls are therefore normally sold in sets of four.

The main Lawn Bowl manufacturers are Henselite and Drake’s Pride.

Lawn Bowl Sizes
Sizes come from 0 upwards, and the higher the number the larger the bowl. To guess your size, it is easier if you have a lawn bowl: if you hold it in your hand, your first and third fingers should fit between the outer bands, and your middle finger down the line in the center between them.
Circles and Curves
Each bowl has circles on the sides. One is smaller, one is larger. This is so you can tell which way the bowl will curve when rolled. It is always biased towards the small circle, so it will roll that way.